Flopsy Life is run by myself, Brittney Tataryn, with support from the love of my life (& talented photographer) Isaac Peters. This is a community dedicated to guiding women who feel lost connect with their intuition, feel worthy of taking up space in the world and find beauty and meaning in life. We’re all told there’s a very specific way to live – earn a degree, find a high paying job, get married, buy a house, and have some children. For many of us that prescription for living results in a life that feels pointless and meaningless. We end up feeling lost, hopeless, anxious or depressed. Trying to live that life led to me having a full out mental breakdown.


Having dealt with mental illness for many years, I was always searching for something more. I wanted a life filled with beauty and purpose. I needed to treat the root of my mental illness, not just the parts people could see. After my mental breakdown burned down everything I thought I’d figured out - jobs, friendships, plans for the future - I had the chance to start again with a blank slate. By living with intention and in alignment with my values of beauty, purpose, and vulnerability, I am healing. I channeled all of that hardship, my lessons and growth, into creating this space for other humans trying to find their own way.

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What We Do

Flopsy Life combines my passions, knowledge and firsthand experience to help you find your own way in life. I can teach you how to simplify your closet and build a beautiful wardrobe that fits you and your values. I share the best of ethical and sustainable fashion & beauty. I’ve got a shop sharing handmade clothing & accessories in natural fabrics for a range of sizes. I also offer personal styling services & life coaching! I’ve written recipes and guidance on how to make simple, healthy meals, along with info about slow living & spirituality. There’s business advice as well as interviews with other small business owners to share how they’ve started their own path in life in hopes of inspiring you to do the same. Finally, I provide tonnes of information about anxiety, depression and mental illness, including different types of therapies and how other people experience these things (because we all experience it differently, and you might relate to some stories more than others).

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Who we are

This site is run by myself, Britt, with help from my partner Isaac. He does all the photography for the site, and is a ridiculously talented man. He will also do the occasional guest post if I need a break or am struggling to keep it all going. We live together in Calgary with our three kitties – you’ll see them in lots of pictures. They’ve gotten so used to the camera that they legit come running and pose for photos when they hear the shutter click. We travel as much as we can, heading out to the mountains almost weekly, the West Coast regularly, and hopefully some trips to Europe & the UK in the future!


Helping others has always been my calling in life. My degree is in Psychology and Religious Studies. I have spent years working retail – I absolutely LOVE fashion. Helping women of all different shapes and sizes find something to wear that makes them feel confident and beautiful brings me immense joy. I also have a diploma as a pastry chef and learned culinary arts as well. Finding ways to simplify cooking while combining healthy, nutritious, holistic ingredients has also helped in my journey to recovery.



Flopsy Life is about taking what we know, throwing it out the window, and living by what works for us instead.


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