Who We Are

Flopsy Life

Flopsy Life is dedicated to providing women with a space for exploration of their truest self. A collection of offerings, insights and tools to help women reconnect to their intuition so they may intentionally curate every facet of their life. Through this journey, they will begin to see the magic in both the darkness and light in life, and become equipped with the fortitude to navigate every space with confidence and grace.


Our holistic approach provides guidance for those looking for healing, rebranding or empowerment. Through our resources, informative insights, courses and guides, and one-on-one services, Flopsy Life aims to be a support resource for women who are ready for a change.



How It Started

Brittney Tataryn

After struggling for many years from both chronic and mental health issues, I found myself searching for effective alternatives. Following every “should” didn’t bring me health or happiness. I only began to heal once I let go of all my misconceptions and started to listen to what my body and soul were telling me. I created Flopsy Life to share what I have learned in order to help empower and guide women on their own journey.


I was forced evaluate how I was living, where my values lay, and what my purpose in life was. It made me realize that I had to focus holistically on all aspects of myself and do things that made my body and soul satisfied to create a life I truly, deeply loved. Sharing my experience and knowledge with other women in the hopes of helping them on their own holistic journeys became my passion: I live to guide women back towards their truest selves, be it through support, guidance, or style. I hold space for women to let go, listen to their intuition, and create a life that works perfectly for them.


I am a guide. I am a teacher. I am a witch.


How We’ve Grown

Emma Kendall

Photography, Design, & Social Media

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Oana Harabor

Marketing & Social Media

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