Why the Traveling to the UK is so Important to Me

traveling to the uk.jpg

We're off to Britain, Wales, Scotland and Ireland!


I know I mentioned we were going awhile ago, but things with Isaac's work kept changing and nothing was 100%. We booked and re-booked a month's worth of hotel rooms three times. But a week ago he was given the go-ahead to book the flights (a big deal since they are nonrefundable and so expensive to change). He'll be going up for an entire month and I get the opportunity to tag along for about 17 days. It's the trip of a lifetime and one I've dreamed of taking since I was a little girl - for many reasons.


I grew up being infused with my mom's love of Ireland. I swear that if she could have changed our heritage from Ukrainian to Irish she would have in a heartbeat, delicious perogies be damned. When I was little she was going to take a trip to visit some friends she had made in Ireland and Scotland. She had been planning this trip for a long time and everything was ready to go.


Right before she was supposed to leave she got really, really sick. I can't remember if this was the first or second time she got sick, but I remember I was so scared. She almost died both times. The most terrifying feeling in the world is almost losing your mother. It scars you for life... to this day I have anxiety if she even has the flu. She didn't get to go on the trip she had spent her life dreaming about because she was in the hospital. She did get better, but the opportunity never came up for her to go again.


My mom is one of the most important and inspirational people I have in my life. She's so strong and has been through so much it amazes me that she is the happiest, kindest, most generous and loving person I have ever met. She's my best friend and I don't know what I would do without her. I think part of me is so excited to go on this trip because it's like I'm going on it for both of us.


Which means we have to make it the best trip we possibly can! There's been many nights spent in cafes and restaurants talking about what our absolute musts are for the trip. I'll write more on that soon. But all this time wandering has given us some golden opportunities after work to capture some outfit pictures in the most beautiful weather and light I think I've seen in the winter. Hopefully you've had the chance to get out and make the most of these evening before we get the usual dump of snow in April. Or May. Why do we live here again?!