A Collection of Links


I've been spending quite a bit of time looking around me for inspiration (and drinking all of the coffee) and I've decided to share some of my favourites this week. Hope you enjoy, and have a lovely long weekend!

I've always loved this blog, but I'm really finding comfort in this reminder and doing some serious thinking after reading this.

This post, not only for the delicious looking recipe but also the inspiring thoughts on priorities and happiness.

Some tips to help make life a little less overwhelming. And again, priorities.

This interview has me wanting to live near the ocean and make some additions to my  wardrobe. I would include this jumpsuit.

Counting down the days until we get to have brunch in Portland... We're going to see Lana Del Ray, but I'm equally excited about the food. I stare at that list and cannot pick which places to try!

Finally, it may be fucking freezing but this makes me seriously wish we were camping right now.