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I haven't quite decided if I'm ready to share the details here yet, but this last week has been the most terrifying of my life. I'm sure once I find the words to talk about it I will, because I believe I am going through this all for a reason and hopefully my story can help someone else out there. I can say that I am going to become more focused on this blog and trying to turn it into a community where people can come share their thoughts, their creations and beautiful products. I want to start working with more local and Canadian brands, and building a network not only in our Calgary community but throughout Canada. We have so much creativity and talent in this weird, snow covered land. It makes me excited to see where we all can take this, and watch us all grow and flourish.

I really needed to read these words this week.

I could spend hours wandering through this blog - I love looking at tattoos and seeing the creativity and mastery behind so many beautiful pieces.

We all know how much I love chili! I want to try making this version

I want every single cozy sweater from this shop - so perfectly edited, and such a  great aesthetic!

I could imagine cozying up in all of the out fits from here & here. Can you tell cozy is an important priority for me this week?