Looking Back on 2015


2015 was hands down the most brutal year I've ever been through. It's a like a forest fire swept through and burnt down everything I thought I knew, everything I planned, everything I based my identity on. All that is left is ashes. No more struggling to see the forest through the trees; there is no trees. The paths are now covered and gone, with no clear direction.

All that is left is solid ground. And wide open space. And the chance to clear away the ashes to create my own path. It is daunting and terrifying to not be able to see where I am supposed to go. There is great freedom but also fear in all this space. Fear of failure; fear pain. Fear in trusting myself to find the right path. Fear in trusting the universe to guide me on this path. But hope in that this fire has cleared the way for light, and that beauty will grow out of the ashes. Hope that 2016 will be better.

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