10 Things to Help You Recover from Anxiety & Depression

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I'm starting to be at a point where I have more good days then bad. Most days I'm able to get through with some manageable anxiety, and I have periods some days without any anxiety at all. I'm also getting better at just accepting the days where the anxiety is overwhelming, and instead of letting it overtake my life I take baby steps to choose the light.


I've also accepted that this upswing, while nice, could end at any moment, as mental health is a journey and not a destination. I know that there are going to be good days and bad days, days filled with light and days shrouded in darkness. But I'm also realizing that I have so much to learn from the darkness, and that darkness is not good nor bad, it simply is.


I want to share what I've been doing to get to this point, mostly to help inspire you if you're looking for alternative ways of dealing with anxiety or depression, but also for myself. I find that when I share things, it takes it out of my head and makes it concrete. It helps me heal to think that my words are being read and are possibly helping or bringing relief to someone else. Finally, and arguably most importantly, I want a list or something I can turn to if I do start being unable to see the light anymore and slip back to where I was. It took many, many baby steps to get here, but I find that these are the things that are helping me most*.


Narrative Therapy

I've mentioned before how CBT was not a good fit for me. As a writer, empath and woman, so much of my anxiety and depression stems from the things I have gone through in my life and the stories I have formed in my perception of those events. A narrative therapist helps dig to the root of those stories and resulting limiting beliefs, and helps you to rework the novel that is your life.


Nutritionist & Life Coach

One of the biggest triggers for the anxiety has been both body image and dealing with awful ovarian pain that the doctors are struggling to diagnose and repeatedly treat with narcotics. The biggest, and one of the most helpful, steps I have taken is to start seeing Kori Leigh. She helped me realize that my issues with food are not caused by my lack of knowledge, but are spiritual and psychological in nature. She also helped me find ways to manage the pain from the ovarian cysts without using strong pills and using herbs instead. Kori writes so much about how proper nutrition helps heal and manage anxiety and depression on her site here



Between both Kori and my dear friend Amanda from Pranic Forest, I am starting to learn how herbs and essential oils can be used to treat things I used to just take pills for before. I'm not going to get into the details, as I just follow their advice, but I was able to get through days of pain that would have taken me to the hospital before by using one of Amanda's oils and herbs Kori recommended.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra has helped me to tackle beliefs I held so deep inside that I didn't even realize they were impacting every single aspect of my life. I've been working with feeling unworthy, and since starting yoga nidra I have been able to start to see my inherent worthiness and how it shows up in the projects I have been blessed with. 



I had become so disconnected from this that I think it was one of the main things that led to my breakdown. I also think that reconnecting with my spirituality has been the most important aspect in my healing - so much so that I think it deserves it's own post. Stay tuned.


Energy Healing

I believe that there are some deeper traumas and hurts from past lives that we need assistance in healing. I had a soul retrieval & spirit animal session with Kael Klassen, and it was life changing. I also have had energy healing with Amanda from Pranic Forest, and I'm seeing both the subtle and major effects this healing has had on me.



Boundaries is the most important thing I have learned on this journey. I can't begin to summarize it here, so keep an eye out for a post on it in the future. In the meantime, I always turn to this post when I need some help or a little reminder about the importance of boundaries. 



I have always been someone who has been fine being alone, but I never really realized how much I needed strong, powerful, vulnerable women in my life. The other night a friend tagged me in a picture for an event, and when I clicked on it I burst into tears - there were so many amazing, inspiring women tagged, and I included. I've always struggled with belonging, and not feeling worthy enough to show up or belong anywhere. This hit home how much my life has changed in just two months. I have people I can turn to, and I have somewhere I belong. Between my friends, family and relationship with Isaac, I am so blessed and honoured that that alone is what keeps me alive when I don't know if I can do it anymore. They inspire me to show up, to do my work, and to trust. They teach me lessons that I could never have learned on my own. 



By writing and creating my dream catchers, I am sharing the deepest parts of myself. I feel both vulnerable and powerful at the same time. I am helping others, and I have a purpose. I've never felt this inspired or at home in my own skin as I do right now - by creating I am sharing myself, and I finally feel like myself. 


Sacred Space

Our homes are sacred spaces, and they should reflect both where you are at and where you want to go. This week I spent two days cleaning, rearranging and smudging everything in our home. Isaac and I each have a space dedicated to our start-ups, a communal space for the blog, and all the other communal space is to be both calming and inspiring, and to give us places where we can connect.

The biggest change was in the kitchen and dining room. All of the cupboards were cleared out, things we were not using or that were not serving us were sold, and I devoted a whole cupboard to my herbs and elixir making. Our dining room is no longer a dining room, but instead a sacred space to sit, pull cards, keep my alter and meditate while either Isaac or I are cooking. I love our home so much - I feel safe and inspired here.