How To Live Life with Grace


Grace is something I wish I felt more naturally. I've always struggled to feel like I'm at peace in my own skin, to feel like I fit, or to feel peaceful with how I handle situations. I admire women who are able to handle a tricky conversation or emotional situation with grace. Who are so sure in themselves that they just radiate grace. I know it's there within me, since it's as inherent as worthiness, but it is not something I'm naturally able to call upon quickly. For me, it takes work right now.

Through doing this work I've realized that I in order to be graceful I require space. Space to be alone. Space to pause and think about my answer or next action. Space to ask my inner child what she wants. Space to be immersed in a project wholeheartedly AND space to do nothing. Space to not rush from activity to activity. Space to actually feel, process and honour my emotions. Space to quietly practice my rituals. Space to love both myself and others. Space to say no. Space to say a resounding yes. Space to find grace.

Simply put, my new mantra is "space equals grace".