A Collection of Links

 This has been quite the week. It's been very much about one step forward, five steps back. After being ill for what felt like ages and my mom coming to visit me, it's been hard to settle back into my routine. I miss her so much after she leaves, and that combined with all the anxiety surrounding not having a steady income had me burnt out. I'm learning that it's okay to push or reschedule things, to be honest with people about what I need from day to day or moment to moment, and that I still need days on the couch alone with my cats and Netflix. It's forcing me to practice to be kind to myself, and I am slowly getting the hang of it. During these times I love scrolling through Pinterest & Bloglovin to gather up some awesome links for inspiration. These aren't just for you lovely readers - I go back to these posts often when I'm stumped for what to make for dinner or need a little spark for a post.

I think this is the most inspiring thing I've read in awhile.
I've been noticing my posture needs some serious work... this guide is immensely helpful.
My lactose cleanse end this week... this is one of the only things I am craving.
I am planning on making this for dinner (with leftovers for lunch!) this week.
Baking bread was my favourite part of culinary school... this is inspiring me to get back into it.
I've been finding this money saving guide so very helpful.