Get to Know Isaac Peters Photography


This interview has been hands down my favourite so far, but I'm also obviously biased. Honestly though - it interests me how you can spend your life with someone, grow a business together and be partners in literally every aspect of life, yet Isaac and I have never talked about half the questions I ask the (sometimes) strangers I interview. I think it's mostly because we just intuitively deeply understand each other, but part of it is also getting swept up in the mundane details of life - we sometimes forget to ask each other those deep questions, especially when you've been together for a long time. Getting to take him out for coffee and interviewing him was like going back to when we first started dating and were trying to learn everything we could about each other. It was simply pure magic.


Isaac Peters is a photographer who tries to encourage people to be present and notice the little details in life that we miss in the speed at which our society pushes us to live. He is available for hire to do product shots, portraits and anything involving travel. You can also purchase his prints or view his portfolio here (use code "flopsy25 for 25% off your entire order). FL was actually created in part as a way to be an ever-changing portfolio for him, so if there is any picture on the blog that you would like a print of, please send us an email. I am so, so proud of this man and how talented he is. I am honoured I got to know him a little bit better through this interview, and so excited to share it with you all.


Isaac picked up photography as a hobby over ten years ago. He had just finished his program at SAIT to be an network engineer and had moved to Edmonton for a job. His parents had gifted him a camera, which he used as his excuse to get out of the house, away from his new roommates. He spent his days roaming the city and developing his skills, and from that point on his camera has gone everywhere with him. he continued treating photography as a hobby until earlier this year when he had be let go from his job. He realized he had reached his limit in what he wanted to do in that industry, and that he wanted something more from life. The definition of success he was being told to follow did not align with what he truly believes success is. For him, success is "waking up each day, defining what hours and work to do, and being comfortable with what you do." Success is "being able to support your family not just financially, but emotionally. To be there and be able to spend time and enjoy moments with your family."

Isaac says that what drives him right now is learning and developing his unique style as a photographer. He wants to share a unique perspective with the world, and is in the process of finding out what that his. At this point he says it is important to specialize in a few things, but to try everything. He believes there is so much to explore, both in Calgary and around the world, and that there are so many things that we overlook everyday - these are the things he wants to capture. He feels like right now almost everything has already been done, but is searching for that extra step and a way to capture the emotions that those spaces in between moments allow us to feel. He says he trusts the little voice in his head to find the things that rest in the unknown, that pull different emotions from different people, and mean different things based on your perspective. He says this little voice is tied to the camera and is what guides him to keep shooting - "this is a moment, maybe you should capture it?"


The most important piece of advice he has is to always keep learning and growing. He says to stay humble and never think "this shot is perfect". He says there is always some detail, some technique that can be tried next time to make it even a little bit better. For him, processing is the place to evaluate that. He advises to specialize in something professionally, but for your own development never pigeonhole yourself. Try everything - you never know if something different is meant to be your calling, and there is so much to learn from bringing your heart 100% into each new adventure. Professionally, he advises finding what you are good at and becoming an expert in it. He also warns that moving from doing photography as a hobby to doing it professionally is a very steep learning curve. He also gets asked a lot what type of camera he uses or suggests, and we've been stopped in the street and at markets pretty often. This is what he uses, but he suggests working with whatever you are comfortable with. While he says he doesn't feel qualified enough to give business advice at this point since he is just starting out, he does suggest creating a website and a business platform that you can grow into, such as a shop on your website or etsy. He also says to do everything you can to build a name and brand for yourself, and get the word out that you are for hire or have prints for sale. Above all else, he says to "just keep shooting, keep improving".


I believe that you need to have some serious passion and goals that intrinsically push you to run your own business - it's fucking hard, especially when success has always been defined for you as a steady, high income. For Isaac, that passion comes from the life he wants to give his family*. He wants to be able to support us & whatever children we may have by doing something he loves. He does not want to come home at the end of a day spent resenting and hating his job, and then bringing that energy into our home. He does not want that to be the example set for our children. He believes that you must "love what you do when you're away from your home and family" in order to live a good life. He says that supporting a family monetarily is one thing, but if you are not happy with your life, you might not have a family for long. Financial stability is important, but there is more to living an abundant life than money. Isaac wants to use his passion to remind the world of that.

*This melted my heart, and definitely made me cry while I was writing it. This man is my unicorn.