Ritual & Ceremony: Written by Krista Reierson


Two of the most important aspects of maintaining my sanity are also two of the things that have been missing most of my life: spirituality and community. Until now, I've never had women in my life who not only support and encourage me unconditionally, they are also helping me discover my power in spirituality. It probably does not surprise most of you, but I do not believe in orthodox religion. I do not believe in dogmatic doctrine and prefer instead to keep an open mind and heart to all that is out there, and practice my right to decide what I intuitively know to be true. This goes against everything I grew up with in small town Alberta, and reading Krista's words when she posted this on Instagram absolutely struck me to the core. To me, they were so powerful that I asked her permission to repost them. I'm so grateful she said yes.


We don't sacrifice goats

no toad legs or virgins

and nobody dies

that role has been filled

when you told us how weak

the female of genders

when we weren't even people

rather objects to claim

so as long as we listened

to the rules that you made

if we dare step outside

of our household obligations

to acknowledge our strength

or remember our magick

you called us witches

for that we would pay

so for thousands of years

we gave our power away

and now that we're here

to reclaim the divine

and women are gathering

in circles far and wide

to tap into our strength

to feel with our senses

that which you forget

please try to keep up

to the change that's afoot

while your words become sharp

when you hear someone say

two simple words

their context distorted

how beautiful they sound

like redemption to me

when women come together

in ritual and ceremony.


- Krista Reierson