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I've been insanely exhausted & all over the place this week. I've been missing the coast, grateful for my home, hopeful and yet terrified of the future. I've been trying to thing of everything like a garden - I've planted the seeds of what I hope for in life, and now I just need to trust that they will sprout and grow. There is only so much I can do on my end but I struggle to release control over the things I need to surrender to. It is so hard giving away that false sense of security and trusting that I am supported and provided for. But I am releasing, one baby step at a time and being gentle with myself in the process. These are some of the things I've from this week that have helped me with that process.

This article. 

This interview. 

This guideline.

This song.

This salad.

This one too.

This recipe.

This life goal.

This pudding.