Una Takeaway: The Best Gluten Free Lasagna in Calgary


I'm fairly certain whenever anyone comes to visit Calgary and asks for recommendations, Una Pizza + Wine is always on that list. For years Isaac & I have been trying to hack the system by phoning the restaurant for takeout pizza, especially when I was waiting for surgery - for some reason, their crust was is one of the only things in this world that settles nausea for me. It was always hit or miss whether they would be too busy to do a takeout order, let alone answer the phone. You can imagine the sheer joy we've felt since they opened up a space dedicated entirely to takeaway, appropriately named Una Takeaway. Right next door to Una, you can get the staple favourites from their menu along with a vast selection of other delicious meal options. I've been very impressed with the number of gluten free alternatives they provide, from bundinos, tarts and muffins, to lasagna, sandwiches and pizza. I'm 99% sure we've been almost weekly, and I could VERY easily write a love letter to almost everything on the menu (gluten free or not). Today though, I want to focus on their lasagna. Because holy fuck... my mouth is watering just thinking about it. To be clear: I have had both their gluten full and gluten free lasagna, and I honestly think I prefer the gluten free version.

Una Takeaway

To start off, both lasagnas are filled with layers and layers of delicious, gooey cheese. They both have perfectly seasoned meat sauce. Even better, the sauce has more meat than tomato (much better than other places that have mostly runny tomato sauce with a few pieces of meat). They both essentially are everything you can dream of in a lasagna. Sized to feed 3 or 4 people, Una Takeaway also has the most affordable price for the most delicious lasagna in Calgary. You really couldn't go wrong with grabbing either one, but I would strongly suggest trying the gluten free version. These gluten free noodles are made from corn & brown rice, making them more filling than regular lasagna noodles. Unlike most gluten free noodles, Una Takeaway's are not chalky or bland. Since they contain more fibre, they are a little bit more chewy than regular pasta. However, this does force you to slow down while eating, meaning you'll eat less since you actually are being mindful and your body can register when you are full.

Una Takeaway

Seriously though, go check this space out. I promise you will not be disappointed.