The Best Cold Brew Coffees in Calgary


I have an obscene obsession with coffee. I absolutely love it, especially when it's cold. Even in the winter, Isaac makes me coffee before he goes to work and then leaves sitting on the counter so that it's room temp when I wake up. Coffee is a requirement for any & all road trips, & one of my favourite parts of summer is laying in the sun drinking a cold brew. Takeout coffee is what I'm going to miss most during our year of no spending - the only way we can have it is if we have a gift card to a coffee shop.


Here in Calgary we have a pretty awesome coffee scene, with many local cafes & many places that roast their own. Each offers their own take on cold brew, so I've made it my mission to try them all so you know how they stack up against each other - one of my favourite missions by far. The rules: only black coffee, only one a day, only made locally. These are my findings ranked in order of liking... Keep in mind my tastes might be different than yours, so go out, test them yourselves & let me know which one ends up being your favourite! Make sure you save the glass bottles for little flower or herb bouquets around your home (or at the very least, recycle them).


Rosso Coffee Roasters: Holy hell is this one delicious. It is super creamy & smooth with a chocolate aftertaste - not bitterness or acidity at all. At $5 for a glass bottle, or $14 for a growler & $8 to refill it, it is also pretty reasonably priced. You can also find it at Una Takeaway. It is definitely one of the best cold brews in Calgary!

Luke's Drug Mart: This was a last minute entry since it just came out, but it ended up being one of the most delicious! $4.25 for a glass bottle it tastes like dark chocolate salted caramels and has no bitter or acidic aftertaste.

Analog Coffee: This one had the most "coffee" taste - it was a little smoky & reminded me of campfire coffee, & wasn't not bitter or acidic at all. At $3.15 for a takeaway cup at Calgary Farmers Market it is also the most affordable.

Monogram Coffee: This juniper & citrus infused cold brew was hands down the most unique one out there. It has a delicous herb-y elixir taste & is delicious black. $5 for a glass bottle it is one you should try this summer. 

Kaffeklatsch: Calgary's smallest cafe is definitely a contender! This one is$4.75 for glass bottle, has hints of vanilla & is delicious black, but it does have a bit of an acidic aftertaste.

Phil and Sebastian: Phil & Seb's cold brew is a little acidic at first, but it isn't overpowering & does mellow out. It is $6.50 for a glass bottle & also sold at Amaranth Whole Foods Market. Honestly, while it is delicious, I think I prefer my iced americano from Phil & Seb to this cold brew (plus it's like half the price).

Our Daily Brett: Unfortunately, drinking this one black didn't quite do it for us. While it does have a yummy hazelnut aftertaste, it was a little too acidic when we drank it black. That said, it would be PERFECT with some cream or coconut milk, or as an affogato. At $5 for a glass bottle, it is pretty reasonably priced, but I would prefer their iced americano if I'm looking for just straight coffee.