Why You Should Sign Up for "A Course in the Ritual of Self Care"


This course was an absolute game changer for me. Kori is one of the most beautiful souls & a huge source of inspiration for me. Her nutrition & life coaching is one of the reasons I am where I am today - she held space & was a necessary support when I was trying to get past being suicidal & lost in the anxiety. While I was the one who did the work, but she gently helped me figure out what my work actually was.

Her course telecourse, which I did after finishing my one-on-one coaching, was equally as integral in my process. Each week we covered similar information as I had solo with her, so it was a great refresher. However, because it is geared to helping more women rather than tailored specifically to me, we also covered topics I wasn't even aware I needed help in. You get a worksheet for each call which is awesome to have post-course to look back on & refresh when needed.

Hands down though the best part of this course was the group. We have a private fb group just for us from the beginning of the course. This was a group of women who are also trying to do their work, & it was a safe space for us to turn to when we were struggling. Doing this work is never easy, so having women I could turn to knowing they would not judge me was extremely helpful - and a surprise. I have never been one for group therapy until program, but having people who are not invested or ingrained in your daily life that accept & support you is insanely healing. Throughout the course we helped & held space for each other, gathered for a bachelorette party & got stuck in an elevator together (seriously) &  it was so, so beautiful.

This course is for any woman who is struggling, journeying, or questioning who they are & where they are going. It is for those who feel they need a change, a fresh start, or want to deepen their understanding of themselves. Whoever you are & whatever your struggles, you are worth taking care of - heres Kori's words on how this course will help with that. You can also get more info & read other testimonials here.

{a course in the ritual of self-care} TELECOURSE is an 8 week long course for women, by women. kori leigh is a holistic nutritionist and lifecoach; she will be guiding women through 8 weeks of self-care tools with an emphasis on nutrition. we will cover: weight loss, liver health, foods for women, gut health, stress management, elixir crafting, sleep hygiene, masturbation and sexual empowerment and more. each woman will receive a weekly handout including 3 custom recipes and will be a part of a private facebook group with the intention of tribe building and sisterhood.

for more info please reach kori: kori.hagel@gmail.com