What We Thought About Yummi Yogis


Yummi Yogis is a Calgary food truck trying to change the world one meal at a time, and doing a delicious job of it. We were so excited to try some of the food on this truck, and have been back a couple times since then. Their pulled pork tacos & pad thai are things both Isaac & I wish we could eat at least once a week - they are that good. The pulled pork tacos come with pork, kale & ancho yogurt sauce served with a side of black beans & oranges. They are very generous portions - the two tacos are huge with tons of pulled pork. The side scoop of well cooked black beans balanced by the light, citrusy orange round everything off. The yogurt sauce was flavourful and creamy, while the steamed kale was the perfect addition to the spicy, perfectly cooked pulled pork. Hands down the best pulled pork I've ever had. It was messy BUT the tacos stayed together until the last bite. These were some of the most delicious tacos I have ever had - and I eat more tacos than most people.

 Yummi Yogis Pad Thai

Yummi Yogis Pad Thai

The pad thai had amazing flavour and was light yet filling - you don't feel heavy or gross after eating it. Isaac said the tofu actually had great taste compared to the tastelessness tofu has in most dishes. The sauce had a great balance of nutty & citrus flavour, and was not greasy like most pad thai sauces. There were tons of veggies in the dishes, and the rice noodles were perfectly cooked and not mushy!

Overall, Yummi Yogis is one of my favourite food trucks, and easily one of the best wholistic food options we have in the city. For those who can't make it to one of the food truck events or get to wherever they are during the week, they do also do catering for corporate & personal events. You can look into it here.