Meet Adorn Infusions: Inspiring Self Care


I am overwhelmed with feels for this interview. Lisa is a remarkably special woman, and I truly believe she is going to change the world. She has definitely made an impact on my life, through her products, knowledge and support. For those who don't know, Lisa is the brilliant woman behind Adorn Infusions and half of the team behind Yummi Yogis. She is one of the most graceful and sincere women I have ever known, and I am so grateful to share Adorn Infusions, her story, and her inspiration with you today. 


Adorn Infusions is a line that has been a lifetime in the making. Growing up, Lisa says that the comments and compliments she received were always on her beauty, never on the things she could actually do. Being told you will go far in life because you are beautiful inevitably set one up for some hard lessons later in life, as Lisa can attest to. In her 20s she developed a host of digestive issues which resulted in rosacea. No longer was she the typical "beauty queen" she was always praised for being, and her sense of self was completely lost. However, this led her to realize that not only was her body and skin in crisis, but her soul was as well.

Her journey towards wellness started by examining her food and what she was regularly consuming. This led to an interest in skin care - after all, our skin is our biggest organ, and everything we put on it gets absorbed the same as what we put in it. She was horrified with the ingredients in the products she had been using. There were no regulations on products, so many contained ingredients that caused cancer. She started her own blog, researching natural skin care and working with companies all over the world testing products. Through eating wholistic food and using natural skin care, her rosacea and many digestive issues cleared.


On a surface level, Adorn's products work because they combine Lisa's knowledge of herbology and experience actually working with natural products. She only uses high quality, organic, fair trade essential oils. The combinations of oils have been researched, studied and tested in regards to their healing properties. She prefers oil based products to lotions, as oils like jojoba mimic the skin's natural moisturizing processes. Each product is made with unconditional love and thoughtfulness. Products are blessed before, during and after preparation. She is almost always singing a mantra while creating. She believes that this thoughtfulness carries over into how customers feel when using Adorn products. Adorn carries both men's and women's products, because men go through the same difficult emotions and unbalances as women. Having products dedicated to them can help men get through their day feeling more grounded and confident. As Lisa says, "we need strong men just like we need strong women." Plus, men who smell great is just lovely for everyone involved.

While working on her blog, Lisa became interested with society's obsession with making things "better". That is essentially what Adorn means - taking something already beautiful and enhancing it. She believes all women are innately beautiful, but many of us go through life without ever believing in our beautiful or knowing how to care for ourselves. We adorn ourselves to fix ourselves, not to enhance what is already beautiful. Therefore, Adorn Infusions is created to be the catalyst for self care. Lisa believes it is not a specific product, but about creating space for self care. By taking care of ourselves, we can create change and grow in our own being. She believes there is a link between being mindful about using natural products like Adorn and caring for the soul. As you do one thing more consciously, it connects and carries over to doing all things more consciously.


Lisa believes that how you do one things is how you do all things. Adorn Infusions may simply be skin care, but by making the effort to carefully natural products, you are practicing self care in a mindful way. Eventually, you can begin to see the presence of this mindfulness in other things, like selecting the ingredients for the food you eat or deciding to put away your phone and be present with a friend. Se says, "what we do for ourselves and how we feel about ourselves is the same energy we roll out with when we do anything". Adorn's products are designed to help strengthen that connection with yourself and your life. By being selective about using high quality, high vibe products, you are investing in yourself and acknowledging that you are worthy of caring for and living life with presence.

Adorn's philosophy is to "inspire another woman to create from her own sense of purpose and worth". Lisa wants to inspire women to do what makes them happy. For herself, she says she is inspired by sunsets, flowers, her beautiful friends, wonderful fiancee, and their families. Her goal for her self is to keep learning and researching, but to live a simple life filled with inner peace. She also says she wants to change the way business is done by going back to a more personal way of conducting herself professionally. She believes in the past there was a separation between work, self and soul that we do not have today. Today, everything is connected and inseparable, and she believes that is beautiful. But with that comes a need to do business in a more conscious, connected way. By developing relationships with others, and essentially "bringing back the milkman" - knowing who makes your products, who provides them, and what is in them.


For Lisa, success is how happy she feels. She says that the biggest reward in being an entrepreneur is getting to make other people happy while being able to make herself happy. Adorn gives her a creative outlet, and finds it fulfilling seeing others love and cherish her creations. The biggest struggle running her own business is keeping faith, both in herself and her business. It is hard to always feel the pressure to be "on", to go through difficult situations in the public eye, or to get out of bed or create when you simply do not feel like it. Moving away from doing business in a traditional manner and trying to change the world is also a struggle. However, the biggest struggle of all is sometimes trying to hold on the that innate inner wisdom and remember why you started doing this in the first place.

Despite the struggles, Lisa says that it is all worth it. She may still have fears and the struggle to trust that she dealt with in her corporate job, but she no longer feels heavy or "like a weight is chained to her leg". Her advice for anyone feeling pulled to starting their own endeavour is to simply do it. "If you fall, that's ok. You will get back up and do something else. If you fall again, that is ok. You are growing. Life is too short."

We will leave you with her last piece of advice: "Be you, be beautiful."