Fieldstudy: The Shop Calgary Desperately Needs


Since our trip out west I have been dreaming of a store like Picot Collective or Charlie & Lee opening here. Partially so I can get the ethical clothing & handmade goods that I love, but also so that I could work there. I adore working retail - getting to know customers, sharing products I love, helping someone find something that completes their wardrobe or sacred space. However, I have always struggled when working traditional retail jobs. I do not believe in selling people things they don't need just to make some ridiculous sales goals so that I can get a better discount or more shifts.


I believe that if you get to know people, develop a relationship with them, and help them to find special pieces they truly need, you can move away from the unnecessary consumerism that most stores perpetrate while still running a successful business. I love the shift towards small businesses wanting to build an engaged community rather than companies trying to basically take over the world. All of this is why I am so thrilled that Sarah Knorr has decided to open Fieldstudy. Her entire goal is to build a community for women who appreciate high quality, ethically produced goods and are moving away from a consumeristic lifestyle.


This general store will carry everything from ethically produced clothing and home goods to apothecary products, records and jewelry. It is somewhere you can go to get everything you need (or want). All the products are of the highest quality, produced responsibly, and are selectively curated. The purpose behind Fieldstudy is to help you find that piece your wardrobe is missing, that gift for a friend, or that last detail you need to make your house a home. It is not about consumerism or buying an obscene amount of "things". It is about investing in quality pieces that will last for years, hopefully generations. The dream is about being present with life, not always searching for more.


Another thing I love is the commitment to social change Sarah stands for. She has been working with small businesses throughout North America (and the world) to bring you the best goods she can find. Through this, she has curated companies who's mission it is to change the world. These are companies who are producing things differently or giving back to society in some way. Some may see it as "just another shop", but what it stands for is so very important. It is something I think Calgary desperately needs.