What We Thought about The Village Flatbread Co. 


The Village Flatbread Co. is a little spot that I am super excited to have found. While I can't have it during this initial stages of my candida cleanse, I am grateful to have found a place that I can go to longterm that fits all of my dietary requirements (like, in a week). All of the ingredients that they use are fresh, organic, and high quality. Everything on their menu is gluten free, and you have the option of making whatever you want lactose free (just make sure you specify that's what you want!). They also have tones of vegetarian options if thats your thing, and they can easily be made vegan by substituting or removing the cheese. The best part? They deliver ANYWHERE in the city. Super helpful when I'm house sitting in the suburbs. I must say that I was really impressed with the quality of their pizza. I am sure the rest of the menu is just as delicious, but that night we were having some severe pizza cravings. Those cravings were definitely satisfied. We tried the East Village and Hillhurst Pizzas. The East Village comes with bacon, pepperoni and mushrooms, while the Hillhurst is a little sweeter with ham, bacon and pineapple. The gluten free crusts were crispy, flavourful and not chalky at all - they tasted no different than most other gluten-full thin crust pizzas. The toppings were unbelievably fresh, and elevated by the use of fresh herbs. No one flavour overpowered the other, they just simply blend together beautifully. The pizzas were super filling, even for Isaac who had just biked almost two hours. While we had mozzarella on these ones (it was delicious) I am looking forward to trying the vegan cheese once I can - I'll give you an update when I do!

Like I said above, one of my favourite things about this little shop is that they'll deliver anywhere in the city. Most places have a limit, especially ones downtown like The Village is (it's located on 17th ave near Crowfoot, beside Market 17). While we were house sitting in the deep, deep south we actually tried their delivery option. I am glad to say the quality was impeccable. The pizzas still arrived hot, tasted fresh, and were unbelievably delicious. We've had pizzas from five blocks away from our Mission apartment that have been delivered below these standards, so I was really happy with the quality and service The Village provided.

Overall, The Village Flatbread Co. is one of my top pizza places. The food is amazing, they have so many dietary options and the quality and service is outstanding. A little tip - the first time you order online or using their app, you get a bit of a discount. I definitely recommend you check them out the next time you order in!

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