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The best thing ever happened this week - my mom moved to Calgary! While it's a weird to me to have family in the same city (I've been completely on my own for about 8 years now) I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY! I no longer have to say bye and not know when I will see her next, and if need a hug from my momma I can just send her a text! PS. she also feeds us. Between that and the awesome giveaway we have going on on Insta, there were some pretty great things to balance out the energy lows, period pains and weird effects of the new moon/Mercury retrograde (more on that in the first link).

I will definitely be turning to this to get through the month.

I'm inspired to try and adapt this for my own meals.

Doesn't this look delicious?

I'm going to practice this once I'm back in my sacred space (like, next week).

I'm obsessed with this photoshoot. It's giving me serious inspiration for fall.

I love this shoe & how she's styled it.

I'm trying to decide between this & this to replace my depleted brow gel.

I'm going to try & adapt this recipe for baked donuts.