Why I Don't Believe in Capsule Wardrobes

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My closet has been a work in progress. It's been both a learning experience and the biggest reflection of my journey into minimalism. The transitions in my closet have reflected the transitions I have gone through personally, and I am very happy with where both are at today. A capsule wardrobe as most blogs talk about today is a mini-wardrobe for each season, with a specific number of items that you have planned out and shopped for. The rest of your clothes are stored away for that season, to pull out in future seasons.


While this may work for some, I don't believe this is the best option. I find that capsule wardrobes are an excuse to either hide things away that you truly don't need, or to buy things every couple months. It also means you can accumulate more accessories and purses than you ever actually need. I also find that planning a wardrobe for each season causes unnecessary stress & anxiety, while storing the clothing you are not wearing causes clutter.


Through the years I spent working in retail, I spent so much money (that I really didn't have) buying clothing to fill a void. I was miserable, but buying something new and pretty at the end of my shift made it feel ok for a moment. I had been doing a capsule wardrobe for awhile, with containers of clothing I had not chosen for that season stored under my bed. Getting dressed was always overwhelming because there were just too many options, most of which neither fit nor suited me, and I could always go under my bed to find more. All these clothes helped complete the facade that I was presenting to the world, whatever roll I felt I needed to play to fit in. When my mental health went, all of that went with it as well. As I have been getting to relearn who I actually am, my closet has naturally become a reflection of that.


At this point in my life I have my closet down to around 50 pieces total. That is what I have year round and includes all my clothing, workout gear & jackets. Each piece is simple, interchangeable, and essential. They are building blocks, and I can grab anything knowing it will fit me perfectly and go well together. Each piece can be layered throughout the seasons. They are simple and light enough to wear throughout the summer, and for winter I just add sweaters, stockings and scarves.


Because they are so simple it is near impossible to get tired of them; just add a different scarf or sweater, and it is an entirely new outfit. They also will never go out of style as they are all solid, neutral colours - timeless, not trendy. I will only store the things that are absolutely not required for a season, like a parka in the summer. And while I do buy pieces once in awhile, it is on an as-need basis for something that will last years, not just a season.


Having a minimalist closet has helped me so much. I feel confident in everything I own. No longer do I struggle about what to wear, which causes me less stress and anxiety on daily basis. I can be ready in less than five minutes and still look amazing. Most importantly, I feel like me. Doing all the the closet clean outs and edits has helped me figured out who I really am, and who I was simply trying to pretend I was. Now, my clothing helps me convey who I truly, authentically am, year round.


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