A Collection of Links


Happy October! I have been feeling very inspired this last week. So much writing, starting new projects, and learning new things. Today we're settling into another house to babysit some giant baby bears (Newfies), the dogs Isaac and I dream of having one day. Monday we're talking about how October went for the No Spending project, and on Wednesday we're sharing an interview and photoshoot with Kindred Thrift. In the meantime, here's some of the things that kept the inspiration flowing this week. Enjoy!

This article about hair, other people's opinions, and saying "fuck it" to all of them.

This "Life Changing Loaf of Bread".

This take on french onion soup.

This simple chocolate concoction.

This piece about how to have "the conversation" the first time you sleep with someone.

This dessert... I want to try and make it allergen free.