A Collection of Links


This week has been a practice in acceptance, grace and non-judgement. There have been awesome new opportunities, plans falling through, initiations of new projects, and difficult situations. While it's sometimes harder to separate from judging these things when I'm in it, I am trying. The easiest example of non-judgement for me comes with the No Spending. We've bought food a few times this week, but rather than belittling myself for not sticking to the challenge, I am accepting it for what it is and moving past it. Such is life. I've also had some insomnia but that gave me so much time to browse the interwebs gathering inspiration... enjoy!

I'm dreaming of these, but made with the "Life Changing Bread" shared last week.

I want to go Seattle and do everything on this guide while staying here.

Definitely planning on making these sometime soon - they would be perfect for gifts!

A friend and I were taking about having a dinner party soon... this, this and this have solidified the idea. 

Here's to deciding for yourself what undergarments you want to wear.

I think that this is one of the best meditation guide ever. 

This guide puts finances in a way that I am able to understand.

When it comes to relationships, this series is full of insanely helpful advice.

All I want right now is this - maybe it's "mystical healing properties" can fix my cold?

Tarot has been drawing me in lately - I love this monthly guide.

Let's all imitate the French and adopt this attitude, shall we?