A Collection of Links


I still don't seem to feel much like writing about myself lately - I'm still feeling deeply pulled to turn inwards. The beauty of this is the magic I'm finding all around me. We've gone out to the mountains a couple of times this week, taken a bunch of road trips with our favourite people, and spent lots of time with family. It's been exactly what I am craving. In the meantime, here are some links to help you find inspiration as well. Relationships take work  - this article,  this advice, and this how-to plan is helpful. 

I loved this article on trying to be our best selves or see the positive all the time.

I want to try this recipe for salsa. 

I want to make this deliciously healthy snack... 

and this breakfast/dessert.

Also, this detox bowl. Clearly I want to start cooking again (ironic since I currently have the stomach flu).