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What a rough fucking week. I'm sure many of you are also still in a state of shock of what happened in the States, and anyone who is empathic is probably still feeling all the feels of this world. I know I am. But there were also many moments spent with family, friends and loved one working to build our community and share our respective messages. The best thing to come out of this week? For the first time in my life I actually sat down and listened to Leonard Cohen's music. I'm sad to say I never really did while he was alive, but his passing stirred me to seek it out. The deeply felt lyrics, his resonating voice, and the gypsy musical tone remind me of lives past and speak to my soul. There is always healing in music for me, and while I am still overwhelmed and fearful about the future, I know we can only move forward and do the best we can to heal.

I can truly relate to this, especially having grown up in a rural area.

I think this is one of the best pieces I have read on how to move forward.

This is so, so true. Love you mom.

I can get burnt out pretty easily - I love this guide to help recognize when it is starting to happen.

I am so excited watching these girls grow their small business - they just opened their online shop!

I desperately want this dessert. 

This is one of the best guides for how to edit your wardrobe. If you need an objective eye, I can help.