How To Soothe Your Dry, Dull Skin

How To Soothe Your Dry Skin.jpg

My entire life I have had the driest skin imaginable. The only its ever been alright was when I lived in Van or when we travelled to the UK - there, I was in heaven. At the complete opposite end of that spectrum is Calgary, with it's ridiculous dryness and abrupt weather shifts. It got to the point where my skin was permanently flaky and painful.


Last year I switched all of my products from the chemically-laden things I was using to all natural, handmade goodness from two of my favourite Calgary-based companies, Adorn Infusions and Pranic Forest. Because of them, I now have a new routine that not only keeps the dryness in check but keeps my skin glowing, even in colouration and HEALTHY. Of course part, of this is diet and health - when I'm not eating the healthiest, or when my body is fighting off illness, it definitely shows up through my skin. The difference is that now, rather than fighting against myself and trying to "fix" it, I start treating myself more gently and listen to what my body is trying to tell me.

Anywho, the Hylauranic Acid from Pranic Forest has been one of those game changing products for me. Hylauranic Acid acts as a moisture barrier, absorbing 1000 times it's molecular weight in water. Pranic Forest makes this with a vegan source of HA, meaning it doesn't come from a roosters cone (so gross!). This serum also uses frankincense and neroli essential oils, which helps with tissue renewal and makes it great for those dealing with acne or wrinkles. The texture is unbelievably light, and a little goes a long way - I only use four or five drops for my entire face!


The Brighten Facial Oil from Adorn Infusions is also an integral part of my skincare routine. Formulated for dry, sensitive skin, this blend uses jojoba, grapeseed, evening primrose, seabuckthorn, kukui, sweet almond and rose hip oils as the base. It also uses lavender, neroli, and chamomile essential oils to soothe, regenerate and provide anti-aging & anti-acne benefits. It has a beautifully rich texture that quickly absorbs into the skin - you can literally feel it working while you're massaging it into your skin.


I use both of these as part of my nightly skincare ritual. I'm still trying to find a cleanser I love, but I don't really wear make up, so often just wash my face with water and a bamboo washcloth. After washing, I use a couple sprays of Adorn Infusions' Rose Lavender Spray as a toner, then apply the Pranic Forest Hylauranic Acid while my skin is still damp. I finish it all off with the Brighten Face Oil from Adorn Infusions.


When I do this mindfully, taking the time to massage my skin and really take in the calming scents, what is an everyday routine turns into a really soothing, caring ritual. It's absolutely essential, both for my skin and my soul.