The Best Bath Soak I Have Ever Used Is...


I am ridiculously excited to announce that Adorn Infusions is launching a new product!! Lisa has crafted up the most beautiful salt soak. Called the "Chill Soak Relax Blend" it's a mixture of Epsom & Dead Sea Salt with hibiscus petals. And it is hands down the best bath soak I have ever used. The salt soak is scented with vetiver, Lavender and chamomile essential oils, giving it the most fresh, grounding, and earthy fragrance that fills the whole bathroom. The salt dissolves perfectly, not clumping at the bottom like some soaks do. The petals look beautiful floating in the tub, especially if you've made a ritual of the bath soak and lit candles - it's like a romantic treat for yourself. For me, the experience is the epitome of self care, and is remarkably calming, grounding and relaxing. I was able fall asleep immediately after - a feat when you haven't slept properly in like a week. My muscles also weren't achey or sore, a relief since I had a bad migraine right before the bath. The best part? The jar is pretty big, meaning you can enjoy many baths before it runs out!

I think this is the perfect gift to treat yourself or to give to your loved ones! It comes either solo, or as part of a gift set with the Citrus Detox Salt Scrub, another one of my favourites. You'll be able to pick up this new soak this weekend at Market Collective and the Etsy Christmas market. You can also get it on Adorn Infusions' new website (soon to launch)!