The Five Best Secondhand Clothing Sources in Calgary


I am a huge fan of buying clothing secondhand. Whether it is thrift, vintage, consignment, or a closet raid, it provides so many benefits over buying new products. You can get products at a fraction of the cost, you're reusing rather than increasing the demand for new product, and you can find things you could never dream of discovering today. Calgary has many great options for finding secondhand, but these are my go-to sources that never disappoint.


Kindred Thrift

The most affordable and unique. These beautiful humans have basically gone to all of the thrift stores and done the work for you! I have found so many gorgeous things with them, and their pieces are on regular rotation in my wardrobe (almost half of my tops come from them). Their collection of mom jeans, oversized button ups, and coats is the best I have ever seen. They have an online shop, host events in their studio space, are open for shopping by appointment, and have items sold out of The Livery.

Fond Boutique

Really high quality pieces at great prices. Every time Fond has a pop-up I find pieces I would love to add to my wardrobe. Her highly curated selection is impeccable, and the quality of her items outstanding. I've also consigned some of my own higher end pieces here.  She sells through pop-up markets, studio appointments, and instagram.

Closet Raid

Closet Raid is ran by women who have spent years working retail - they know what's up. Their collection is stunning and rivals most actual stores, while their prices are much more affordable than buying new. They are currently only available through pop-ups throughout Western Canadian cities, but these events are definitely worth going to.

Clothing Bar Boutique

This little shop in Marda Loop is absolutely fantastic. She puts on amazing events collaborating with other local businesses, and has a remarkable selection of items for great prices. She also does a good job of carrying a variety of sizes and styles. This is where I go to consign a lot of my pieces, and every time I drop off it's hard to not pick something up!

Value Village

Just because I also love the thrift store hunt. Some of my favourite pieces ever are from Value Village. Most of my coats are vintage London Fog, purchased here for under $20. I have found shoes, dresses, sweaters, jumpsuits... anything you need, there's a good chance that you can find it here. Grab a coffee and a friend (or your mom - that's what I do) and spend a few hours searching! My favourite Calgary locations are Chinook and Sunridge.

PLUS! Shop Flopsy Life of course!!! We have a collection of secondhand pieces made of natural fabrics or from ethical brands! Have a look here. It's a great way to get brands like Ace & Jig, Black Crane & Ilana Kohn at a lower price point.