Why I'm Devoting 2017 to Settling


2016 was about surviving. After my mental breakdown, I did not actually think I would make it to 2017.  Last year I tried a bunch of things in order to learn how to keep myself alive. I learned about self care, self love, and boundaries. I discovered my spirituality, intuition and gifts. I dabbled in different aspects of slow living. I tested out many, many different things on the blog. 

It was a year of a lot. Lots of learning, but also jumping from thing to thing - when you have a lot to learn, that's simply how it happens. There was an overwhelming amount of information I had to take in in order to develop an understanding of how not just to thrive, but survive. Now, I am ready for that to be over. 

In 2017 I am devoting myself to settling. Not settling in the sense of taking the second best option, but settling the boat. Settling the waves. Calming the storm that was last year. I have what I need to know now, and trust that if anything important is missing, it will come without me having to search. Now, I am ready to lay the roots deeper to grow the rest of my life. 

I know now that I need a daily, intense spiritual practice first thing in the morning. I need to do a bit of yoga, meditate, pull my cards and tap into the wisdom of my guides. 

I know that I want my primary focus work wise to be refining my writing. I want the blog to provide my income. I want to write for magazines and publications. I want to continue getting my words out there. 

I have realized that what works best on the blog is anything related to clothing. Helping people find ethical, sustainable companies, clothing that works for their bodies, and ways to turn their closet into a wardrobe is something I truly enjoy. That said, I want to start focusing more on the mental health aspect behind it all. I want to start talking more about different ways to get through mental health. I want to get more into the spirituality behind life, and how we all get through each day. I also want to build a space where people want to come to share their own work. 

I know my body needs to be fed properly, rested, and loved. I know that I cannot really drink alcohol, and that if I have food that makes me ill a couple times, it quickly turns into a cycle that is difficult to get out of. I know I need a TONNE of time in nature. I know that a part of me truly misses traveling, and that I want to do more of it this year.

Finally, I know that all of this needs to be done slowly and mindfully. This must be done with intention. With grace, ease, and trust. I need to bring my spirituality into all that I do, and see the magic in everything. Because even when I am struggling, there is a part of me that truly believes this life is magical. For 2017, I am settling into that magic.