The Five Benefits of Building a Lifetime Wardrobe

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This is a excerpt from my book "The Simple Guide to Building a Lifetime Wardrobe". 


Besides the obvious benefit of looking utterly fabulous all the time, curating your wardrobe can have a deeper impact on your life. The following is just some of the benefits detoxing and organizing your wardrobe can have:

  • Helps with anxiety
    • less choices means less overwhelm (aka less likely to have a panic attack)
    • less decision fatigue, so more energy for other choices
    • clear guidelines for what to buy
    • everything is organized so no panic trying to find something
    • reducing physical clutter can help reduce emotional and mental clutter
  • Helps with mental health in general
    • investing time, effort and money in yourself
    • old emotional attachments are cleared out and released
    • sets yourself up for the future
    • increased confidence
    • expressing authentic self
  • Helps with self awareness
    • the in-depth process asks you to examine yourself: your dreams, goals, lifestyle, likes, dislikes, fears… all the things, really
    • since clothing is an outward expression of who we are, you need to know yourself to be able to authentically express that
  • The process is therapeutic
    • work through the attachments and emotions clothing can trigger
    • relive and release memories, both good and bad
    • gets rid of the reminders of guilt – whether from spending money on something you never wear, changes in your body, or life choices you wish you made differently.
  • Save money in the long run
    • you are not buying clothes on a whim – each purchase is planned, considered, and budgeted for
    • pieces are no longer bought each season; you are buying your clothing to last year round, for as many years as possible
    • prices may seem like more at first, but since the quality is higher, the cost per wear ends up being much, much lower (more on that here)

In addition to all these benefits, by focusing on investing in natural fabrics and handmade clothing, secondhand clothing, or pieces that are produced ethically and sustainably, you are investing in community and a brighter future for us all. By choosing natural fabrics you are clothing yourself in pieces that let your body breathe, and reducing waste and pollution. By neglecting purchasing from box stores that support these practices, you are choosing to invest your money in something that helps our world. I also believe that clothing carries energy, and clothing that is made poorly from unsustainable fabrics by slave labour has a low vibe – switching it out for something high vibe subconsciously makes us feel better.


Want to build your own lifetime wardrobe? Purchase the a simple guide on how to here! Or, book a personal styling session with me here.