A Collection of Links


It's been one hell of a week. I saw a post on IG from @wearyourlabel that says "Congrats! You've made it through one more day. Sometimes that's enough." and you know what? For me, this week, that was enough. That was a HUGE fucking accomplishment. Your responses to the IG post I wrote on depression took my breath away - it takes strength to reach out, and even more strength to hold space for each other. I am so grateful and humbled by this little community we've built, and proud of you all. Thank you. On a lighter note, one of the things that gets me through some of the really hard days is getting lost in the interwebs. Especially window shopping/planning. I think looking at beautiful things and figuring out how to add them into my life gives me a small goal that I can look forward to achieving, which gives me hope. Or, you know, it could just be that I like pretty things haha. Either way, here's what I was scoping out this week.

This apartment has triggered a hunt for dusty rose velvet pillows...

I dream of trying everything in this hair care collection - everything is ethically made with essential oils, & sounds like it smells divine.

Whenever I wear makeup it's almost exactly the same. I rely on this, but want to upgrade some of my older things or ones that just don't suit me properly. This, this, and this would be perfect. 

EVERYTHING from this line (but especially this and this).

I love the advice in this article on the questions to ask yourself about your career - they're different from the usual.

I've been weirdly drawn to large earrings lately - lusting over these and these.

This write-up about me brings tears to my eyes - so much joy. 

I'm also in this course, which as always is amazing, and helps recenter and ground me at times like this. There's another one coming up in May - I highly suggest looking into it.