Meet M. Grace Jewelry


I am ridiculously enthralled with the beautiful pieces by M. Grace Jewelry. They have a magical, witchy feel to them. Just wearing one makes me feel more connected to Mother Earth & the magic that surrounds us. I've gotten to play with these pieces at Fieldstudy, & have actually bought treasures for myself. Putting them on in the morning feels like a sacred ritual that helps prepare me for the day ahead. I wanted to know more about Malia, the owner and creatress of this line. Her answers to her questions really resonated with me, & I hope they bring you inspiration.


Tell us the story about how you first started making jewelry.

I first started making jewelry when I was in elementary school with my sister Jessica. I remember being fascinated by my mom's jewelry box and being so interested in her heirloom pieces from my grandmother and great aunt. Soon after that interest took over I started collected antique pieces of my own, beads, wire and anything else jewelry related I could get my hands on. My sister and I started to assemble the pieces that we collected and started our first collection! We liked everything so much that we kept it all in a box and barely wore any of it!

How did you decide to turn this into a career?

I decided to turn jewelry making into a career when I started envisioning so many designs that I had a full notebook full of them. I knew I had a lot to work with to start my first collection.

Your line feels very, very magical – why is that?

I don't know why my line feels magical. That is quite the compliment. I think while I was making it I was sort of under a spell. I had a lot of creativity running through my veins that I had to express.

Your pieces are inspired by images and symbols from nature and ancient civilizations – why? How do you choose? Are there any in particular that you’re drawn to?

Nature inspires me and observing it's simplicity somehow stirs up ideas for me. On top of that I have always been drawn to artifacts that feel ancient and handmade. One time I was staring at a very old basket in a museum for what seemed like way too long. I took a mental picture of it in my head and it ended up morphing into a necklace with an upside down pyramid symbol with circular lines around it. It didn't look anything like the basket but I was definitely inspired by it.

What is the process for making each piece?

Sometimes I start by drawing a design in my notebook and other times I am designing in my head and then transfer onto my notebook. I then grab my wax paper and start drawing or carving on that.

What is your favourite or most important piece you’ve made?

My favorite piece that I have made is the Aura ring. I made the aura ring while I was reading a book called Body Of Health which is all about grounding yourself into the earth and then creating auras around you so you can go out into the real world as a highly sensitive person. I didn't even realize it at the time but I started making lots of auras in my jewelry simultaneously.


Do you have any other projects on the go?

Yes, I am currently day dreaming of my next collection of jewelry and sculptures. I am also in the very beginning stages of starting a project with my sister jessica that is in a new direction but still involves aesthetics.

How do you define success?

If you are happy with what you are doing and it gets you excited then I would say that is success.

Biggest reward being an entrepreneur? Biggest struggle?

Biggest reward of being an entrepreneur is being my own boss. I am the only one that tells me what to do. That was a goal of mine and I am so glad I made it happen! Biggest drawback of that is being disciplined and managing my time wisely.

What advice do you have for those starting their own endeavours?

Advice for those starting their own endeavors is to keep going even if what you are doing doesn't take off right away. If you love what you are doing and see potential in it others will see that too.

What is your philosophy, both in business and in life?

Everyone has a purpose in life. Keep seeking, keep learning and growing and you will find yourself.

What is your ultimate goal, both personally and professionally?

My goal is to keep being creative and to keep being true to myself.


What inspires you personally?

I am inspired by beauty in all her forms.

What daily practices do you have?

I practice transcendental mediation daily, drink lemon water and give thanks.

Tea ceremonies feature quite frequently on your IG feed – can you tell us a bit about them? How did you start? What do they mean? Why are you drawn to them?

I first sat in tea ceremony a few years ago. It didn't resonate at first until I started sitting weekly on Kauai with a group of incredible women. One day it just clicked for me and I got that it is a moving meditation that quiets your mind and connects you to nature. That's pretty much what I am always looking for in life so I was sold.

How do the magic and tradition that inspire your pieces translate into or appear in your everyday life?

My pieces are just daily reminders for me. Having something concrete that has weight to it and meaning reminds me of the original intention. I need reminders so it's a nice relationship.

How do you find balance? What does balance look like to you?

Balance is what I am always seeking in life! For me I find balance by having as much quiet time as I can. I eat healthy, meditate, and hike. For me I have to do these things just to feel normal. If I feel normal then I am balanced and it is a good day!

What do you feel is the most important thing in life? How are you trying to make a difference in our world?

The most important thing in the world to me is to contribute something positive. My goal when I die is to leave something beautiful, positive and impactful on earth. If I can achieve that then I will feel like a success. There is so much going on in the world right now that doesn't feel right and it can feel debilitating and overwhelming at times. I think you have to focus on that one thing that you can do to contribute. Put good energy out in the world, be kind, give when you can and look after Mother Earth.