A Collection of Links


This last year of running the blog, I've put insane pressure on myself to publish x number of posts weekly. That pressure has slowly driven me bananas, and taken the joy out of writing. So, I'm devoting this year to slowing down and trusting my intuition. I will write when I feel called too (which often results in weeks worth of posts being written in one go). I will post when it feels right. And I will collaborate with others, asking for support on some of the work to gather information about topics that I am passionate, but not the most knowledgable on. Community and the ones we love save us. This site has always been about building community, and I am ridiculously excited to take this next step in doing so while learning how best to care for myself. Even just beginning this process has cleared up a bit of my writers block, left me with more energy, and inspired me to pursue other projects I am excited to tell you about.

And on that note, here's some of the other things that have inspired me the last little while.

This guide for saying no (hint: you don't need to explain or feel guilty).

This advice to acheiving your goals.

This guide to inviting in financial abundance.

This collection of slow cooker recipes.

This list of super simple dinner recipes.

This simple living/tiny home advice.

These cold & flu friendly recipes.

This breakfast bowl with super simple homemade granola.