Why Elizabeth Suzann is One of my Favourite Ethical Brands


Elizabeth Suzann is easily one of the best ethical clothing brands out there. All of her pieces are handmade to order by a small team in Nashville. Crafted out of gorgeous natural textiles like raw silk, linen and cotton canvas, these are investment pieces that will last you a lifetime. After lusting over Elizabeth Suzann's pieces for well over a year, I finally took the plunge and got myself a couple pieces.


The Pieces I started with


I started with the Long Sleeve Harper Tunic in eggshell raw silk. This pieces has become one of my most used staples in the months since I got it. It's oversized fit with a ginormous pocket is extremely functional and comfortable for everyday wear. Seriously, that pocket is EVERYTHING. The gorgeous fabric means the top can be dressed up or down, depending on where you're going and what you pair it with. The longer length also makes it perfect to wear pants-less on work-from-home days, and I'm excited to wear it on summer nights as a dress with some shorts underneath. I also find the raw silk super easy to care for; I just hand wash and hang dry, or throw it in the wash on a delicate cold cycle. It doesn't wrinkle or show water marks the way regular silk does, and doesn't feel too precious to wear everyday.


My second Elizabeth Suzann piece was the Marlena Tank,* also in eggshell raw silk. The Marlena range comes in three different sizes (top, tunic, or long dress) and has a deep v that can be worn in the back or front. I dream of the Marlena Midi, but desperately needed a cream sleeveless top, so tank it is. I love, love, LOVE the fit of this. The v is just deep enough to show off my fav part of my body, but not so deep that I need to wear something under it to avoid a nip-slip (not that I would really care if it happened, but Calgary is one conservative city & it might give someone a heart attack). It's oversized in the tummy, but not overwhelming so. It's also the perfect length for a half tuck into high waisted pants. Again, this fabric is super easy to care for & perfect for everyday wear. I'm definitely getting a second one in black as soon as I can (but maybe in silk crepe...).


The Best PArt?

My favourite thing about Elizabeth Suzann is her sizes. She's shown her pieces on women who are size 22 or 24 - a brand doing this is basically unheard of in the ethical fashion world. This year she started a diversity campaign showing her clothing on actual customers in all different sizes, which I found super helpful when it came time to order. Personally, I would actually be a OS or L (possibly even a medium in some pieces), but I'm so used to a large barely fitting past my thighs or boobs with most brands that I ordered the OS+ and XL. While they still work for me (I do love super oversized things) the OS Harper tunic would probably still have been slightly oversized on me without so much extra room, and L Marlena Top would still fit well without extra fabric around the bust.


Since her pieces are made to order, there is a bit of a wait to receive them. IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT. A few weeks is nothing compared to how long you will have these treasures in your wardrobe. Yes, the prices are pretty high, but the quality is outstanding and one piece replaces like three or four (especially when they can be worn so many ways). Read this to have a deeper appreciation of the prices and what goes into making a piece like this. No matter where you are on your lifetime wardrobe journey, Elizabeth Suzann is definitely a brand to consider investing in.



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