The Best Minimalist Earrings for Everyday


I haven't worn earrings in well over a year, and haven't had an everyday pair in many. I could never find the perfect minimalist earring that I could afford. The ones within my budget always found them too distracting, especially with such an ornate nose ring, or made out of crappy materials. The simple ones that I coveted were always so expensive, and there were other things I would rather spend the money on. That all changed the day we got these beautiful little treasures by Kristen Elspeth in at Fieldstudy.

Made from 14k gold, these earrings are simply beautiful. They add a little extra specialness to everyday but are simple enough to not overwhelm. I like that they're handmade in California, and made out of something that is safe to leave in overnight, day after day. Since I can leave them in, it's one less thing to remember when getting ready in the morning, but adds a little extra elegance on days I can't be bothered. Plus, I'm a Leo - adorning myself in beautiful gold things fills me with joy. At around $100 these are within my budget and are a perfect addition to my lifetime wardrobe - I know I'll be wearing them for years to come!