The 3 Best Natural Makeup Products for an Everyday Look


I used to love trying out different makeup brands; I used to always be that person who couldn't leave the house without a full face of makeup. And usually a lot of it. I was trying to change and hide who I really was, and makeup is a really quick way to do that. I never thought twice about what was in all the crap I was covering my skin in. I shudder when I think about it now. Now, I couldn't give two fucks about makeup - I don't wear it most days. Instead of wearing it because I feel like I have to, I wear it because I want to. Huge difference. I also love the ritual of applying it before work - it gets me in a productive mindset.


I rely on RMS Beauty for most of the makeup I do use. This is an all natural brand created by Rose Marie Swift, a makeup artist who was born in Vancouver. Everything is made with the most natural ingredients possible, from coconut oil to turmeric and ashwandganda (read more about their philosophy on ingredients here). The colours are stunning, easy to apply, and last all day. The products themselves are super moisturizing and designed to heal skin rather than hide it. It is hands down the best natural makeup brand I've tried.


Three amazing products have replaced what used to be an entire drawer full of junk. I use the "un" cover up, the living luminizer, and lip2cheek on days where I feel like a little extra oomph (usually when I work or have an event). These products look like me, but a little more well rested. I also have one of their eye polishes for the rare time I want to do a smoky eye.


The "Un" Cover Up

The "un" cover up blends seamlessly with my natural skin, and doesn't cake on or clump around dry areas. I highly recommend getting the brush to apply this as a full out foundation if that's your thing - it makes a little bit of product go a long, long way.


Living Luminizer

I use the living luminizer on my cheekbones, forehead, inner eyes, under the brows, and tip of my nose. Wearing this results in a bunch of complements on how glowy and well-rested I look (even if I haven't slept in days because of anxiety). It's my secret weapon and favourite product ever made. K, maybe it's tied with brow gel. But it's up there.



This product is the neatest thing ever. You can use it on eyes, cheeks AND lips. It doesn't dry out or get chalky like some multiuse products. It is truly essential if you're trying to create a minimalist beauty bag. I love the colour "Spell", which is a nude dusty rose. It's made for cheeks and lips, but I will often sweep a little bit on my eyelids for some extra definition.



These products enhance my natural beauty, not cover anything up. It takes less than 5 minutes to apply them all, and I still feel like me while wearing them. Plus, having three products that do the work of what used to be a drawerful makes packing a breeze... which is essential since we have so many road trips coming up!