Why You Should Invest in a Custom Made Wallet


There is nothing more satisfying than having something custom made for you, whether it's shoes, clothing, or a meal. One thing I never expected to have made exactly to my specifications: a wallet. Specifically, the most beautiful wallet I've ever seen that also doubles as a clutch. I'd always made fun of expensive wallets, thinking it was a waste of money. After all, it's rendered pointless if I have no money to put in it, right? That was until I started looking more into the sacredness of abundance.


Money is something we all have to deal with in life, whether we want to or not. As an entrepreneur, it gets real so fucking quick. It is so easy to get lost in not having enough, how much money is going out into starting a business, and fear of never making it back. It took awhile for me to shift my mindset from the idea that the whole purpose in life is making (and spending) money. That if I didn't have some arbitrary value that is "enough", my life would be a failure. That to get more all I had to do was work 25 hours a day at a job I hated, and that even after all my basics were covered I needed even more.


It's ridiculous how out of alignment that is with my other values, yet it was how I was living my life. I never thought of money as something sacred, when really, it's an exchange of energy. Like anything else, you get what you put in. If you're coming from a place of fearing you'll never have enough, then what you're putting out is the thought that you're always going to be lacking. That becomes your reality. By instead treating money as sacred, trusting it will be there when you need it, and understanding that it's another way we are supported in this human life, you're creating the expectation that all will work out.


I've gotten through many things in life by focusing on creating sacred spaces. Whether it's my closet or kitchen, I set myself up for the beautiful future I am hoping for. It only made sense that I would do that same for the space that holds all my money. It took a lot of research, but I ended up realizing I would need something handmade just for me to achieve this. I've coveted pieces from Little Lion Man Leather for years. They're a staple at all the Market Collective markets, and make the most gorgeous leather bags, belts and accessories. It was a no-brainer that I would turn to them to craft my wallet.


We ended up going with a vegetable-dyed leather, which will deepen and change colour to a cognac brown over the years. I wanted something that would grow and change with me as I did. Add in some brass buttons and zipper, and enough card slots to fit everything I need, and it's the most beautiful wallet I've ever seen.


The functionality is also insane; the card holder can be removed, and the envelope used as just a clutch, or keep it in and use it to hold the essentials while I'm out running errands. It also divides the clutch into two sections, and I'm able to use one to hold all my receipts (because fucking taxes), and the other for my phone & bun pin. I use the zippered section to hold a small citrine crystal & some other spiritual tokens.


At $225, it's the most I've ever spent on a wallet, and it was totally worth it. The quality is impeccable, and guys crafting these creations are so awesome. They aren't on social media, nor do they have an online store - just markets and custom pieces*. It makes you feel special knowing they're putting so much effort into something just for you. The whole process sends the message to yourself that you are worthy, and you deserve the effort to make yourself happy. And that you will always have money to put in that wallet, even if you're not quite sure how yet. Things will work out.


*to get in touch with them, just send them an email at littlelionmanleather@gmail.com


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