How My Fur-Baby Saved My Life by Aditi Loveridge


Aditi is a Doula and a life coach (read her bio below) and writes a monthly column for Flopsy Life. You can read her previous posts hereherehere and here.


Though I have written about the many people who have supported me through my loss journey, I have yet to write about the one incredible soul who has literally been there for me every step of the way–my amazing fur baby, Zion.


Before Zion came into my life, I had never owned a pet, so I did not know how deep my love could grow for an animal.  From the first day he came home, he earned a special place in my heart and our souls instantly connected.


I always say that Zion saved my life.  I say that, not to sound mellow dramatic, but because I truly feel (and know) that he did.


After my first pregnancy loss, I faced some heavy and dark days. While my husband had to go to work and my friends lives carried on, this little fur angel, was there. Zion was my constant companion, never leaving my side. He would nuzzle up against my empty abdomen, literally forcing me to see the love around me.


Then I lost our second pregnancy. Zion was home, hanging out in another room but the actual moment my body let go of that pregnancy, out of nowhere,  Zion showed up with an abundance of reassuring licks.  In the days that followed that pregnancy loss,  Zion was my rock and my saviour. He gave me a sense of purpose. With his little wet nose he would come, tail wagging, begging to go for a walk. Those walks helped ground me in the present moment, distancing me from the anxiety and fear that had started to sit heavily on my heart.


Zion’s constant love and gentle nudges is what gave me the strength to try to conceive again. Throughout my pregnancy with my rainbow, he did what he did best–he loved me. He did not care that I had had two previous losses. He just loved me and my ever growing baby bump.


Throughout my rainbow pregnancy when anxiety and fear would rule my head, I would quickly find my fur angel. We would cuddle up and we would snuggle – and in his little 13-pound presence, I was able to find my own.


Aditi specializes in supporting women and families who have experienced previous pregnancy and/or infant loss. Her coaching sessions are designed to support you through every step of your journey from initial loss coaching, conception coaching, through to pregnancy and postpartum support.