Meet Moth Chocolate: The BEST Chocolate I've Ever Tasted


Words cannot describe how unbelievably good the chocolate from Moth Chocolate is. So instead, I'm going to introduce you to the founder, Geordan Spicer. You can also go meet her yourself (and snag some delicious goodies) this Sunday at the Commonwealth Collectors Club! 

Tell us about what you do & how you got started.

I run a very small itsy-bitsy start-up called Moth Chocolate. Moth Chocolate is a Calgary based Bean-to-Bar chocolate company, that crafts chocolate from transparently sourced, ethical cacao beans, and promotes sustainable cacao farming in equatorial regions.

I started in the chocolate business when I was 14, while working for a local chocolate company. After high school, I attended Le Cordon Bleu and studied pastry arts. Then I travelled to learn more about chocolate (which at the time was difficult to find).

Why did you decide to work specifically with chocolate?

The only other career apart from chocolate making that I had ever wanted to do, was to help people. Unfortunately, Philanthropy doesn’t really bring in any income. In high school, I volunteered part-time at a family shelter, and continued to volunteer through College. I felt most-fulfilled when I was helping other’s.

I later discovered, while in culinary school, that tempering chocolate came naturally to me, whereas other students were struggling with the crystallization process. I found that pastry was over-explored, and limiting to my creativity and my desire to help others, where chocolate offered endless un-tapped possibilities.

You previously had a different chocolate company – what prompted the switch from that to Moth Chocolate?

Before Moth Chocolate came to exist, I had a company called SweetDoe Chocolate. SweetDoe focused on the modernization of truffles, by using geometric shapes, original designs, and unique flavor combinations. It was greatly inspired by Fransisco Migoya’s style of chocolate production. It was an affordable outlet for my creativity and that style of chocolate making wasn’t being done in Calgary at the time.

I used SweetDoe as a means to generate income for Moth Chocolate, a much costlier venture.

What is the philosophy behind Moth Chocolate?

Moth Chocolate is designed to push the envelope for Chocolate making in Alberta. People laugh all the time, they think that the venture of chocolate making is frivolous and fun. I take it very seriously, and I highly doubt the children working as slaves on cacao farms find it funny either. Think about all of the things we eat on a daily basis that are coated in chocolate or contain chocolate chips. Think about how much we are willing to pay for a latte every day compared to how much we pay for a chocolate bar.

I am out to change the way Alberta perceives chocolate.

Tell us about the ingredients you use & where you source them from.

Moth Chocolate currently has one variety of chocolate. The 67% Wild Bolivia Bar. Made with organic cane sugar, organic cacao, and organic cocoa butter. Currently, the Bolivian beans are sourced through a company called Uncommon Cacao. They are a female-run (which is very rare in the chocolate making industry) trade company. They source their beans directly as well as transparently. Which means that I know how much they are buying beans for and what the working conditions on the farm are like. Ensuring that all of the beans sourced are ethical and come from sustainable farms.


How did you learn how to craft with chocolate? What’s the process behind crafting a chocolate bar?

I learned the craft of bean-to-bar from my friends at Omnom Chocolate in Reykjavik Iceland. I interned with them for a summer and they changed my life. I have a few workshops coming up, and would love to share the process with anyone who wishes to learn and is dedicated to improving the chocolate industry.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve ever made? Ever tasted?

I have a soft spot for simplistic French desserts like, Paris-Brest or hand-made Nougat, fraises de bois dipped in honey.

Where can we find your creations?

You can find Moth Chocolate at:

Rosso Coffee Roasters

Vitality Tap

Willow Natural Foods

Luke's Drug Mart

Euphoria Cafe

What advice do you have for those starting their own endeavours?

Don’t be overwhelmed by the mountain that’s in front of you. Don’t let people tell you that you are too young, or sway you with the notion of a steady income. I’d rather spend these years in struggle, than give up on what is clearly my destiny.

Biggest reward being an entrepreneur? Biggest struggle?

The biggest reward that comes with being an entrepreneur is fulfilling my dreams, and making my inner child happy. The biggest struggle is paying my bills. You have-to be willing to be a little bit hungry at times.

What inspires you?

Moth Chocolate is inspired by nature. The symbol of a Moth being attracted to the light amidst all-of the darkness within the Chocolate industry. I constantly find myself inspired by my Alberta community and the vast nature that surrounds us. The hard-working farmers of cacao plantations, and the positive role models I call Mom and Dad.


What is your ultimate goal, both personally and professionally?

My professional goal is to make a positive impact within the Cacao Industry.

My personal goal is and will always be to learn.

How do you define success?

It’s uncertain whether-or-not slave labor and human trafficking on cacao farms will end in my lifetime, but it would be unsuccessful to not at least try. 

How do you find balance? What does balance look like to you?

YOGA! I make time for yoga everyday, it helps keep me balanced. I’m very thankful to be supported by family and friends, they keep me accountable for when I’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole and forget to have fun.

What do you feel is the most important thing in life?

Empathy. The ability to understand each other as human beings is wildly underrated. Sometimes the world can give off a fend-for-yourselves kind of vibe. I think it’s important to see it through different lenses. How else are we supposed to learn?

How are you trying to make a difference in our world?

By promoting something big in a small way.