How to Get in Touch with Your Inner Child


Something many of us lose as we grow into adults is our connection to our inner child. We lose that sense of wonderment, adventure and magic we have as children. With trauma, work, bills, obligations, responsibility... we get swept up in the day to day and forget to dream and play. I know I definitely have. That's why I am so unbelievably excited to share this project with you. Lauren Brooke Sanchez (who's artwork you've seen on the site lots) has written a book for both children and adults called "Remembering". It's about the journey of our souls back to remembering what's its like to see magic in the world. The first time I read it I burst into tears - I had no idea how much I actually needed to read it. And of course, being Lauren, the artwork is pure magic. Everything about it makes my heart light up. 

Lauren is running a kickstarter until July 15th. You can help support her dream AND get a piece of this magic for yourself hereI hope you'll consider donating - this story is important, and something I think this world truly needs.