I Forgive You by Krista Reierson


This poem by Krista Reierson, first shared on her IG, both made me cry and soothed my soul. It's a poem about self-forgiveness for the harm we do to ourselves trying to cope with the trauma we go through in life. I felt like she wrote it just for me, so I asked her to share it here as well.  I forgive you for assuming that just because your parents split that it meant you weren't worthy or deserving of love 

I forgive you for thinking that eventually, in the end, everyone abandons you 

I forgive you for hiding your emotions as a child because it wasn't safe 

I forgive you for all the years you hid who you truly are out of fear you wouldn't be loved or accepted 

I forgive you for hurting others when your heart was broken 

I forgive you for desperately trying to fit in 

I forgive you for hating your body and only seeing ugliness in the mirror 

I forgive you for abusing food and workouts and diets and cleansing 

I forgive you for hiding your light from the world all these years 

But most of all, I forgive you unconditionally for the mistakes you think you've made 

you are perfect just as you are 

and I wouldn't change a thing.