One Unexpected Benefit of an Intuitive Wardrobe 


One benefit I never, ever expected from my wardrobe is how it would support me when my life seems to be falling apart. It is comforting to still look like yourself when everything feels wrong. But when I'm in survival mode, I couldn't care less what I look like. I'm not about to devote what limited energy or brainpower I have to picking out an outfit. 


Luckily, my clothing all works beautifully together; getting dressed doesn't require thought.  I don't have any clothing I don't feel good in - they're all beautiful pieces that help me feel confident and in control. Everything is comfortable enough to spend all day (or multiple days in a row) in, and none of it is so precious I can't wear it for real life. I didn't think when I was packing to stay in the hospital with Isaac; I just grabbed the first things I saw.  This was super important, because pulling together an outfit was not a priority to me; it just didn't matter. 


But after a couple days I realized how integral it is for my mental health to still feel like me. To still feel good in my clothing. I love beautiful clothing... it makes me smile. And right now, I need as many things as possible that make me smile.  

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