My Simple Routine for Perfectly Imperfect Hair

I have a bit of a conundrum when it comes to my hair. I want it to be perfect, but I want it be perfect without me having to do anything. I’m a Leo, so naturally a giant, gorgeous mane makes me feel like myself. But I’m also lazy af when it comes to it. That means rather than investing time and energy styling it, I set it up from the get-go. After years of trying to find the perfect formula for my style of big, messy, gypsy hair (no joke - my #hairgoals since I was a kid is Esmeralda), I’ve finally got it down to a science. 


My stylist

First up, I go to Kim at HedKandi salon*. A friend put it best when she said that “some people do hair as a job; some do it because it’s who they are.” Being in Kim’s chair, you can tell that being a hairstylist is something more to her than just a way to make a living. She speaks about hair the same way I do about clothing or mental health - there is a deep level of passion that is wonderful to be around. I don’t know how so did it, but she gave me a cut that air dries perfectly EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. No lie. I simply wash it, throw a bit of product in, and leave it be. 


Shampoo & Conditioner

Speaking of washing, the second biggest component to my perfect hair formula is the shampoo & conditioner I use. GM Reverie is a small brand out of California that I’ve been using for a few months now, and I looooove it. It’s all handmade out of natural ingredients, and smells more beautiful that anything I’ve ever used (seriously - I wish they made a perfume). The shampoo makes it feel super clean without stripping it, and the conditioner is moisturizing without weighing it down. Plus, a little goes a long way. While it doesn’t lather like “traditional” shampoos, I use about a loonie size for my scalp & then rinse the lengths of my hair with the rest. Then, I use the same amount of conditioner just on the ends/mid length.


Keep in mind I have pretty long, super thick hair, and this is still enough for it. This builds a solid enough foundation that I’m able to go without product if I want. 


Styling Products

Buuuut usually I don’t want to go without, mostly because the GM Reverie Rake cream and Harlow Hair Tonic Salt Spray also smell so ridiculously good. The GM stuff has the same light vanilla/floral/earthy smell as the shampoo & conditioner. Because it’s made from essential oils, it seems to soak into my hair and smell heavenly for days after, which I love. The Harlow salt spray works like a dream, bringing out waviness of my hair. Plus, it smells like a forest right after it rains - absolutely divine.


Awhile ago I read a tip for when to add in the product for the most impact when drying... although I can’t quite remember where (sorry!). Apparently, it has the biggest impact when you add it when hair is 75-80% dry already. I’ve been trying it, and noticing quite a difference! From there, I usually just keep scrunching and fluffing up the roots. 


And voila: a mane any lion would be proud of! 


*If you want $20 off your first service at Hedkandi, let them know that I (Brittney Tataryn) recommended Kim. You'll get $20 & so do I - not because this is sponsored or anything, but just because that's their amazing referral program. If you refer people afterwards, you get $20 too!