Meet Alex Wright

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Alex is a wonderful woman who I am truly inspired by. I had been following her for awhile on instagram when we bumped into each other outside a coffee shop here in Calgary... although she had no idea who I was, I walked up to her on the street and introduced myself. And I'm so glad I did. Alex ended up being the on who helped with rebranding Flopsy Life. She created my beautiful logo, and helped figure out the fonts, colours & other little details that helped me turn this into a cohesive brand. I've loved following her journey over the last few years, from moving from Calgary to a little mountain town and how she's adapted to the life changes becoming a mother requires. Read for on an interview about what she does, why she does it, and what the most important things in life are to her.

Tell us a bit about what you do.

I’m a momma, but I was an information designer by trade! I also teach spin classes and lead workshops on goal-setting, visions and wellness.

How did you get into graphic design?

I wanted to do something creative and fun, yet practical and applicable to lots of different areas of business.

What about it do you enjoy?

I love communication. I love when it’s beautiful and seamless. I love when design is bold, clean and powerful, yet natural. I love when design can be the clothes for a great idea - making it look sharp, appropriate, and attractive. I love helping people propel their idea or brand through great design.

What are your favourite projects to work on?

Branding! I love all things to do with it. The logo, colour palette, typography, graphic elements, photography, language, mission statement, audience, goal - all of it! Branding is complex and so so so important to be relevant and successful today.

What project have you been most proud of?

Probably New Age in Kensington. Mostly because they were brave to make a huge shift in their look, and the logo and brand really shaped the rest of the store and what they aim to do. It was really amazing seeing my work in a concrete store in a big window and store sign. I love that. And I love that it’s in a cultural hub in Calgary, too.

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Can you tell us a bit about your process? How do you help a company figure out what their “brand” is, and how do you help them build it?

Usually I love to meet with the client face to face and talk a lot. To get a feel of their personality, style, goals, language, spirit etc.. If I need more information I’ll ask more vision oriented questions, and for a mood board of inspiration - things they love, look up to, want to create, and want to grow. That inspiration is a huge source of creativity and knowing what they want moving forward.

You also started the blog Camp Troniak. What’s it about?

My blog is a space for me to reflect and share on a deeper level than I can with Facebook or Instagram. I can write more in depth on certain topics, link to sources, and share more photos. I named it Camp Troniak after my last name, and it being a place for me to share our life and adventures as a family of Troniaks! I use the blog section to share recent updates and stories, but there are permanent pages describing a bit about me and the fam!

How does being a graphic designer feed your passion for the blog, and vice versa?

It’s given me a base for creating a site that I feel matches my personality and ‘personal brand’. Graphic design isn’t my main focus in life right now, but it’s a big part of me and my past. It will be a skill I treasure and utilize my whole life whether or not I’m using inDesign.

What advice do you have for those starting their own endeavours?

Whatever it is you want to do, go for it. The world needs what you can give and only you can give it just that way (110% advice I need to follow - it’s easier said than done!). Ask for help. Make strides when you can. Be gentle on yourself but not so gentle to not move/progress.

Biggest reward being an entrepreneur? Biggest struggle?

Award - helping others and providing something unique that they haven’t experienced elsewhere. Biggest struggle - being afraid to do it more, and being afraid of not being great.

What is your ultimate goal, both personally and professionally?

My ultimate goal is happiness. I feel so blessed to have two happy healthy two children a happy healthy husband. Life is really good. Having two young babies has shifted my focus away from professional things. I’m getting more ready for that shift back though. My goal is to own and run a retreat. My goal is to be running vision and wellness workshops by the end of 2017 in this area, and grow from there!

How do you define success?

Success is fulfillment, joy, and happiness on a regular basis. Joy in every day. Fulfillment in multiple areas. Happiness for the life I’m living. I feel very successful right now!

You & your family moved from Calgary to Fernie. What changes has that brought to your life? What’s been the best part of it, and your least favourite part?

So many changes. Being a proud born & raised Calgarian, deciding to move was a huge obstacle for me to accept and overcome. Since moving in July 2016, it has brought nothing but blessings. Fernie is a small, healthy, family oriented mountain town busting at the seams with babies and makeup-free bike-riding mamas. Fernie has been a dream come true. Outside each of our windows is a mountain view. The air always smells amazing. Mark is a 4 minute drive to work (which allows for slow mornings, lunch visits, and family dinners). Elliot was born here, too! The biggest change is pace. My life has slowed down in the sweetest way. I take time to prepare meals. We have no need to rush for anything, or spend time in traffic (there are two traffic lights). We walk the pathways, bike the road, hike nearby (5 min drive to any mountain). Life here is very peaceful, healthy, happy and full. My least favourite part is being away from Calgary family, friends and YYC Cycle, but 3 hours away is not too bad. If I had to move from Calgary, this is the best place to be! We are lucky! Okay I miss Superstore and the big selection of grocery stores too, but we are managing!

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Has this move brought any changes you weren’t expecting?

I never thought I would live even in a small town, so I didn’t expect I would enjoy it like I do. I always loved running into people I knew at things like UNA, YYC Cycle and Market Collective, and thought I wouldn’t get that in a new place, but it’s amazing how quick you meet people and make friends in a small town. Teaching spin at SOAR Cycle has helped too. I have a great community here now, and I didn’t expect that to happen so quickly.

What inspires you?

My vision board. My goals. Mark (my husband). Other people living fearless, beautiful, happy and full lives. Even some movies. Inspiration is all around me.

How do you find balance? What does balance look like to you?

Ahhh balance. Balance is so fluid and ever-changing. I imagine tree pose in yoga. Even if you’re balanced - you’re not still, you have to keep adjusting and tweaking to stay tall and strong. So balance to me, is flexible and imperfect. Balance is saying yes to whatever you prioritize, and being okay with the full picture. If we are saying yes to being more active, we are saying no to having a perfectly clean house. So you gotta be okay with the waves and fluctuations. Balance is acceptance in the fullness of life.

What do you feel is the most important thing in life?

Family. Family fills my heart. Family is not necessarily blood family. It’s the people who are nearest and dearest in your heart. The source of joy, emotions, love, bliss, life. Family is everything.

How are you trying to make a difference in our world?

My goal is to lead by example, share happiness, make people laugh, encourage growth and be authentically me. I hope in doing so, others can do the same.