The Terilyn Shoes from Sevilla Smith Review


Funny story: when I first put on these shoes by Sevilla Smith, I was concerned they were too big. My toes weren't squished, I could actually move them, and my feet could BREATHE. I didn't realized that I had been buying all of my other shoes just a touch too small, especially since my feet have a tendency to swell. Walking in them felt like walking on clouds. My feet could bend, my toes could wiggle, and I could actually connect to the earth under them (not just a thick plastic sole).


Having had five knee surgeries, finding shoes I can wear all day, everyday, without pain, has been a nightmare. I've always dreamed of having a pair of shoes I can live in, and finally, I've found them. My feet have never been happier than when wearing these shoes. There is something unbelievably indulgent about ordering a pair of shoes that are made just for you. That's exactly what these are: you get to choose the cut, colour, and heel height, creating the shoe of your dreams.


I found the customer service provided by Faye, the woman behind this brand, to be unbelievable. I had a million questions, which she answered patiently. When there was an issue with the leather I ordered drying to a drastically different colour, she reached out to me (and remade them!). She very easily could have sent them - after all, you order them knowing that natural leather has variations and may look different than the image of what you selected. But she wanted to be sure that I would LOVE what I got. Her focus was on taking care of me, not rushing through my order to move on to the next customer as soon as possible to make more profit. You can tell she has a passion, love and care for her craft. She truly wants to make people's lives better, not just make money.


Yes, these shoes are an investment. It took me awhile to save up for them, and I am so unbelievably happy that I did. I don't have to wear socks with them (I hate socks!!!!), they make my feet and knees happy, and they go with everything. I've even been wearing them this summer with no issue, something I've never been able to do with boots before. Wearing these, I don't even think about my shoes. They just feel like a natural extension of my foot, and I can imagine myself wearing them for years and years.\



These are The Terilyn by Sevilla Smith in Baroque Sahara.Isaac Peters Photography.

*this is not a sponsored post - I just love these shoes so much that I had to share them with you!