A Look at What's to Come


I wrote a post last year (feels so weird saying that!) about how I’m making some big changes to make my business work for me. Some of the changes go against all the traditional “advice”, but they feel right for me. My only* goal this year is to learn to listen to and trust my intuition. I’ll be sharing what I learn through this process - both for the sake of transparency and just in case some of you are working through this process too! There’s no right or wrong way to do any of this; our businesses are all as unique as we are. It only makes sense that the ways we run them are unique too!


Letting Go...

One big change I’m making is that I’ll no longer be doing consignment. When I sat down and asked what made my heart happy, consignment just wasn’t it. What truly makes my heart light up is searching for vintage and overlooked treasures. I love finding something unbelievably beautiful, especially if it’s a piece that obvs has a story behind it - like that Burberry cape. It’s from the 1970s came from Salem, MA, and it boggles my mind how it made its way to a thrift store in Calgary! This way, I'll be able to devote more time and money to the parts of my business that make my heart happy. Thrifting is like my meditation for me - it calms my mind, soothes my soul, and makes me ecstatically happy. I want more of THAT in my life! 


To Make Room for the New!

This leads me to another change... it’s clear from running the blog that the other thing that lights me up is connecting with and sharing makers. Making the decision to not do consignment made way for me realizing - I can carry pieces from the makers I love in my own shop!!!! Now, not only do I get to share their stories with you, I can help bring their pieces into your lives. I’m ridiculously, ecstatically, unbelievably honoured that I’m kicking off this new phase with two businesses I’ve admired since I started. Working with these companies is a dream come true, and I’m over the moon about it!


I’ve collaborated with Ora Leather Goods on my dream bag - pebbled black leather, plenty of pockets, and phases of the moon embroidered on the bottom! I swear she sews pure fucking magic into each and every stitch. These are made from heart - both mine & Randi’s! I know this is something I’ll have for years to come, and I’m sure you will too. They’ll be available to purchase in the shop later this month, and will be handmade to order for you! 


Aaaaand (cue happy dance here) I WILL BE CARRYING notPERFECTLINEN!!!! I’m going to be carrying a collection of my favourite pieces of theirs! This is one of my most clothing favourite companies - their handmade, natural linen pieces are some of the best quality pieces I’ve ever worn. They’ve made up half my wardrobe for almost two years now, and I know they’ll last for many more years to come.


Their pieces are the first I recommend to my clients when they’re starting to shift into having an ethical wardrobe. Also, we will be carrying some custom pieces I’ve worked with them on - like the shorts I wore all last summer, and bottoms in larger sizes. It’ll be a little bit before these pieces are available on the site, so make sure you’re following on IG and subscribed to the newsletter to be notified when they are!

I love how I say “only” like it’s nbd.