Personal Style Journey: Lauren

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Lauren B. Sanchez is a visual artist, art and yoga guide, and self-published author. Lauren’s work is dedicated to inspiring and nurturing creativity. Her vision to combine Art + Yoga became a reality in 2014 with ELEVATE + CREATE - a workshop series she designed to offer space for those who are called to further explore and awaken the spirit, mind and body through their own creativity.


LBS is happiest on adventures with her daughter, surrounded by animals, books and nature. She is drawn to colourful, intricate tapestries and loves the scent and thrill of finding a rare gem in a used bookstore. 

personal style journey_lauren brooke sanchez_flopsy life.jpeg

my wardrobe is a kaleidoscope of color.
my style is a reflection of my art, femininity and comfort.
i am drawn to bold patterns and pieces that are
thoughtfully hand crafted, embellished
with embroidery, beads, stitching, textile, or natural dye.
i adorn and layer big and intentional jewellery.
i will dress and create pieces that inspire my art and the goddess in me.
my 90’s upbringing also invites the ease and comfort of athletic wear
and i will incorporate these influences in my ensembles.
that can look like a flowy gown paired with sneakers and a varsity jacket
or an off-the-shoulder blouse over a pair of men’s baggy jeans with chunky heels. i let my intuition and creativity choose my clothes.
what i wear is not a statement, it’s a feeling.
when i approach my wardrobe, i treat my body like a canvas.
i guess you can say my style evolves just as my soul and art do.



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