Looking for the Most Comfortable Lingerie? I've Found it...


I’ve been testing out Hanna Broer’s handmade underwear line for a couple months now, and I must say: it’s my absolute favourite! I love everything about it, from the pieces themselves to the values behind the brand. 


All of the pieces are handmade from organic cotton and eco-friendly fabrics in the USA. Her pieces are featured on her site by models of all shapes, sizes and colours. The size range is generous, and since all the pieces are handmade the bras can be slightly customized. The pieces themselves are so comfortable I often forget I'm wearing them. I'm someone who almost never wears a bra because I detest how uncomfortable they usually are, so that's saying something! Also, it's simply BEAUTIFUL. 


Hands down the best part is how comfortable they make me feel, both literally in my body and figuratively in myself. To me, confidence is feeling comfortable in your skin. It’s being able to move freely. It’s dressing to put your best self forward for YOURSELF, not to appease anyone else or because it’s what you think you should do. For me that means minimalistic, clean lines, and a level of comfort that makes me forget I’m wearing anything. And that’s exactly how Hanna Broer’s lingerie makes me feel. 


For those wondering: this is the Lyta Bra & Empire Waist panties, and I wear the XL. These pieces were gifted, and all opinions are my own. 


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