Beautiful Bellies by Aditi Loveridge

beautiful bellies.jpeg

Beautiful would never normally be a word I would use to describe my stomach. Especially since having a child, first thing in the morning, hanging out for the world to see. After two pregnancy losses, one full term rainbow baby born via c-section, and a chronic illness exasperated by each pregnancy, my stomach is anything but what we're told the ideal image of beauty is.


The other morning though, my 3.5 year old rainbow climbed into bed with me and started rubbing and cuddling on my self perceived “flawed” stomach. She commented on my beautiful belly button ring and reflected about the days she used to be in my stomach. She chatted in only a way a 3.5 year old can, about how this softer, rounder and scarred stomach had kept her and the babies before her wrapped in love. 


“Mommy I love your stomach because it was my home.”


And just like that, stretch marks and all, I finally see the beauty.


This post is written by Aditi Loveridge, a regular guest columnist on Flopsy Life. You can read more about who she is and the services she offers here.