Want a Sneak Peek into "The Simple Guide to Building a Lifetime Wardrobe"?

your bag of holding_not perfect linen.jpeg

Ever since I was a little girl, writing a book has been a dream of mine. I always thought it would be a novel (maybe in the future?) but turns out - I like to write about what I know. In university writing research papers was always what made me happiest. I miss it so much that I've actually considered going back just so I can do more. Instead, I decided to write something for you!


This book is essentially the process I go through with my clients in a styling session. It has questionnaires, guides, space to write out your thoughts, and all my favourite tips and sources to start investing in ethical clothing. Plus, it's unbelievably pretty... and now you can see that part for yourself! Below is a little preview of what the book actually looks like (just click the book). Have a peek, and if you're into it, you can order your copy here


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